We are reaching out to you to both share exciting news and to seek your support:

The UNDP Strategic Plan embraces the complexity of development and commits the organization to helping countries find faster, more durable solutions to achieve Agenda 2030. UNDP has begun incubating a number of strategic initiatives aimed at ensuring UNDP is ‘fit for purpose’ to deliver a new generation of solutions in line with the challenges the world faces.  One such key strategic initiatives is the UNDP Accelerator Lab Network which operates as part of UNDP’s sustainable development offering.

UNDP Mongolia country office has been selected as one of the second wave offices to establish this innovative lab and is currently recruiting National officers for following positions (Please refer to attached JDs for more information):

We would like to request your assistance in disseminating this great news through your networks to potential candidates who are curious, persistent, and deeply committed to social change. If you are interested, do apply! 


All potential candidates are encouraged to visit www.Acceleratorlabs.org for more information, registering to “Ask me anything” sessions, read testimonials from accelerator labs of other countries and many more.


To apply, please visit UNDP jobsite at:


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